Put the BAM! in your next show.

Fun costuming and set design created for Bonita Vista High School’s Sound Unlimited Show Choir from their “UNSTOPPABLE” performance centered around the strong women of the DC Comics. Photo credits go out to Thru Lisa’s Lens. Let us help you create your next amazing show.

Sea Song

This is an experimental piece where I charted the sights and sounds I heard around me while sitting on the beach here in San Diego. I then went home and assigned instruments or electronic sounds to each of these aural and visual cues from my time there and layered them as they occurred, along with a recording I took of the Pacific Ocean in action. The melody arrived toward the end of the data collection – a result of being completely present, I am certain. I use it now for short meditations and it transports me immediately back to the calm of a day by the sea. Perhaps it will do the same for you.