Music Arranging & Composing

Custom Arrangements.

Music custom arranged to fit the specific wants and needs of your performing ensemble is something we at Blank Canvas have been doing for decades. Arranging for show choirs from coast to coast, musical revues for professional theatres or choral arrangements both secular and sacred, we have a wide range of experience in creating the musical chart that is perfect for you.

What Child Is This?  Arrangement by David Legg,  From ‘The Miracle:  A New Musical’

Looking for a bargain? We also have a vast catalog of previously written custom arrangements that can be purchased for 50% of the price of a new custom chart AND can be in your hands within days of obtaining copyright permission. Get the quality of a custom made arrangement for half the price and less than half the time.

In the following videos, all musical arrangements are by Blank Canvas. 

More video clips of musical arrangements by Blank Canvas are here.

Original Compositions.

Besides arranging, we also offer and are always excited to be commissioned to write or collaborate on new works. Composing original music for soloists, ensembles or a brand new musical is one of the creative processes that we are most passionate about at Blank Canvas.