Delicious Decor

We all know how fresh flowers can brighten up a room. How about fresh fruits and vegetables? They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and unlike a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, you get to eat them. It’s a win – win! They are both beautiful and delicious. For Fall this year, I thought I’d forgo the pumpkin and use these tasty little guys – fuyu persimmons. Share your ideas on ways you have or might incorporate natural elements into your decorating.


Seascape is from another seaside visit here in San Diego. The approach to this piece was a bit different than Sea Song which I posted before, as you will hear. This time as I sat quietly I realized that there was this harmonious layer of sounds all occurring at their own pace but somehow not in conflict. You might think that all of those sounds coming at you at once would make you anxious. Instead, the slow and steady repetition, as well as, the absence of the sounds competing with each other created a sense of calm. I will never be able to capture the works of nature but if you can’t make it out to the shore I hope this will be an adequate substitute. Take 5 minutes to sit quietly and hear the sounds of the California Coast.

Provincetown Past

Finally… the Provincetown Past photos have made it to the walls. I love bringing those personal elements into my home decor. It makes the space feel familiar and allows you to live some terrific moments over and over again. From photo to prints to fabric covering to framed and on the wall. A little piece of a great experience to enjoy everyday.

Sea Song

This is an experimental piece where I charted the sights and sounds I heard around me while sitting on the beach here in San Diego. I then went home and assigned instruments or electronic sounds to each of these aural and visual cues from my time there and layered them as they occurred, along with a recording I took of the Pacific Ocean in action. The melody arrived toward the end of the data collection – a result of being completely present, I am certain. I use it now for short meditations and it transports me immediately back to the calm of a day by the sea. Perhaps it will do the same for you.