Small Space – Big Design Part 2

Here are the “after” pictures, as promised. Enjoy and feel free to share you design ideas with the rest of us if you feel so inspired. Some things to considered… 1) If you are in a small space, for flow and continuity, keep a consistent color palette throughout the common living area. If you want to break away for your private spaces then go for it, of course, but keeping your color scheme cohesive in the areas which you will entertain will give the illusion of a bigger space, as opposed to, several small spaces divided by too many ideas and colors. 2) If you move often or like to change up your decor more frequently than most and don’t want to break the bank, make sure that your big ticket furniture pieces are neutrals. This way every time you move or get bored with your room, you can spend a few dollars on changing the pillows, drapes, rugs, wall and other decor and feel like you have changed your entire home design. The furniture seen in this apartment belongs to a friend of mine who is using it in her fourth home now. It looks a little different every time but the fundamental furniture pieces have been used in each of her homes because of their versatility. 3) Also… If you decide you are unhappy with your decorating choices after you finish, it is much easier to return a pillow or throw than a sofa or dining room table, right?

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