Sea Song

This is an experimental piece where I charted the sights and sounds I heard around me while sitting on the beach here in San Diego. I then went home and assigned instruments or electronic sounds to each of these aural and visual cues from my time there and layered them as they occurred, along with a recording I took of the Pacific Ocean in action. The melody arrived toward the end of the data collection – a result of being completely present, I am certain. I use it now for short meditations and it transports me immediately back to the calm of a day by the sea. Perhaps it will do the same for you.

6 Replies to “Sea Song”

  1. Thank you David for sharing your ever amazing God given gift of music with me. I hated for this piece to end my bit of peace in the chaos of my day. My heart keeps you safely snuggled inside and I wish you every happiness this world has to offer and blessings in the life beyond. You are an awesome individual and I treasure my memories of our times together. Give my love to Gail and please keep sharing!

    1. Hey Pat! Thanks so much for the lovely words. I am glad you enjoyed it and that it brought some calm to your day. That’s awesome! I too have fond memories of you and are time at PHS. 🙂 Here’s to finding the calm in everyday and to a blessed and beautiful weekend. All the Best! David

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